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Jim & Diane Matthes
Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide all grassfed water buffalo meat without the use of hormones and antibiotics to create a tasty and lean meat to the health conscious consumer. 

We were founded in 2004 by Jim and Diane Matthes.  We named our ranch the Wild Rose due to the abundance of Rose hedge that grows in this area.  Jim has been raising livestock for meat production for over thirty years.  In 2004 we purchased 100 acres in Blessing, TX and started stocking it with water buffalo. 

We now have 20 breeding cows and a bull with a number of calves. 

We will happily give visitors a tour and show off our herd of water buffalo. Just call ahead and make sure we are available.

Wild Rose Water Buffalo Ranch
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Our Ranch located
1251 County Road 476
Blessing, TX 77419

Texas owned and operated
Members of the Go Texas Association since 2012